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Quick Open Closure/Vessels

Specialty Component Sales Inc. are now completing their 21st year as a design and fabrication resource for land based and offshore platform style pig launchers and receivers. This experience has allowed SCSI to work with the most common closure designs and gain valuable experience and expertise to ensure your equipment operates correctly upon arrival at site.

Introducing: Series G – Quick Opening Closures

A specialty design of Closure that can be adapted for a broad range of system pressures, service conditions and client requirements. The Series G is available in two designs, the standard Series G or specially designed Series G-SR. Features include:

  • Full compliance with the ASME design code
  • Oversized pressure warning valve
  • Pressure energized lip seal that minimizes effort required to operate Closure
  • Broad range of seal options, including metal to metal, to meet specific application requirements.
  • Severe duty and fire-proof designs available
  • Wide range of available materials of construction
  • Suitable for both full vacuum and design pressures up to 3705 psig (ANSI 1500#).
  • Available in a wide range of materials including high yield materials, custom alloys and with clad / weld inlay options.
  • Available in both hinged horizontal or vertical with davit.

The Series G and GSR are designed around the classic Clamp style, often referred to as being lock-ring or banded style.


Series A

A low pressure design of closure of the traditional swing bolt style.

The Series A closure is available in two forms, Series AD or AF and can be furnished as either:

  • Hinged for vertical or horizontal installation
  • Vertical with optional heavy duty lifting davit
  • Heavy duty ACME heavy bolting
  • Wide range of available material of construction
  • Suitable for full vacuum and up to 450 psig
  • Fully conforms to the requirements of ASME VIII Div 1

The Series A range of closures provide a simple and economical solution for applications requiring quick access to vessel internals and where the system operational pressure is relatively low.

Series A Closure are based around the use of pivoted or swing bolts that are arranged around a Welding Hub to secure the removable door in position. For added integrity and security, the Series A Closure incorporates the use of robust cadmium plated ACME bolting is standard.

Nevis Pipeline Products manufactures two styles of Low Pressure Closures. The Series AD incorporates the use of a 2:1 semi ellipsoidal head and is best suited for larger diameter applications. The Series AD can be provided in a 'double ring' configuration for specialty and higher pressure applications.

The Series AF adopts the use of a simple flat door and is best suited for small diameter, low pressure applications and custom alloy applications such as strainers and filter housings.

Sealing of the Series A Closure is by virtue of high quality O-ring seal. Standard seal grade adopted is Viton® A but supply of either Nitrile / Buna N, Teflon®, EPBM, HNBR and Silicone is available on request.

Horizontal and smaller diameter vertical Closures are supplied as hinged and provided with a handle to assist with opening. Larger diameter vertical Closures are furnished with a lifting davit that is designed to safely support the weight of the Closure door in the open position.

Closures are supplied with a complete documentation package including dimensional drawing, supporting design calculations, material test certificates and, when requested ASME documentation.

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